Performance Evaluation And Organizational Maturity Assessment Essay

Performance Evaluation And Organizational Maturity Assessment Essay

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Businesses use many performance measures to evaluate systems, personnel and overall task performance. The key to accurately measuring performance would be knowing the tools and resources are available and how they can best be leveraged for the best of the organization. Annual personnel evaluations and organizational maturity assessments are two methods and organization can measure performance; identify solutions and recommendations to make improvements that increase overall company performance. Personnel evaluations give the company an insight to how employees are working towards achieving strategic goals. Organizational Maturity Assessment focuses on current practices and procedures utilized by the company.
Organizations are like humans, they need to grow and develop; to accomplish this, they need to measure how well they are doing and identify potential areas for growth and development (Moseley & Dessinger, 2010). Personnel are constantly seeking how to become better contributors to the team, one way this can happen is through yearly evaluations that come with constructive feedback from their leadership (Chatfield, 2014). When used effectively, performance evaluations give the management team a chance determine if an employee is meeting goals and how much they are contributing to the strategic goals of the organization. Their overall effectiveness is determined by several key elements; they must be accurate, honest and accurate accounting of how much the employee is performing against established standards (Chatfield, 2014). When used correctly, evaluations are a talent management system that allows the right people to be in the right position that will create both personal and organizational growth (Chatfield, 2014). ...

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...g to evaluate processes contained within their structure; two of those are personnel and organizational maturity is two that would be critical. Companies need to work towards strategic goals; personnel and company support are two critical factors in meeting those goals. When used effectively, personnel evaluations and organizational maturity assessments can be used in conjunction with one another; when providing feedback to employees, this could be a time for managers to self-evaluate how well they are supporting the driving force behind the company. Feedback might be the most important part of personnel evaluations, as this is a time that leadership can open dialogue between management and the employee and give them guidance on what they can do to improve performance. When employees improve their performance, it has a direct result on the company’s performance.

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