Performance Enhancing Drugs: The Solution of a Lazy Athlete Essays

Performance Enhancing Drugs: The Solution of a Lazy Athlete Essays

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Central Idea: All performance enhancing drugs should be forever banned by every sport.
I. Performance enhancing drugs, the man-made enigma throughout the world of sports, comes in mainly four types: Anabolic Steroids, Masking Agents, Stimulants, and Erythropoietin.
A. Anabolic Steroids comes from the hormone in males called testosterone (Performance Enhancing Drugs Education).
1. Specifically, several baseball players utilize this “juice” to synthesize protein in their body, which ultimately gives growth in strength and muscle size (Performance Enhancing Drugs Education).
2. What several athletes lose all focus on is the multiple effects that can occur in one's body, some such as the growth of body hair, balding, acne, and high blood pressure (Performance Enhancing Drugs Education).
B. Masking Agents stand as another illegal drug smuggled by pro-athletes today.
1. Diuretics, epitestosterone, probenecid, alpha-ruductase inhibitors, and plasma volume expanders are the four “agents” as they all function to serve one primary purpose, which is to hide the evidence in a person's body of the use of anabolic steroids or “juices” (Performance Enhancing Drugs Education).
2. None of the masking agents should be utilized by anyone because of the terrible consequences it can cause such as heart arrhythmias, kidney stones, fevers, muscle cramps, and much more (Performance Enhancing Drugs Education).
C. Stimulants, the energy drink, live as another smuggled PED.
1. Although the US Food and Drug Administration has banned them from being used, many lazy athletes use them to give them energy and strength to push through a long season (Performance...

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