Essay on Performance Enhancing Drugs in Baseball

Essay on Performance Enhancing Drugs in Baseball

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Performance Enhancing Drugs in Baseball
Performance Enhancing Drugs are taking over sports, and I am here to make a difference. Have you seen all the stories on sports center a couple months back? About Alex Rodriguez and Lance Armstrong for doping and using PEDs. How does the use of PEDs affect society and the game of baseball? I am going to raise money to make a difference in my community to help young athletes realize that you don’t have to use steroids or “dope” to help you enhance your athletic performance.
Sports players are starting to resort to different ways to help them play better or to get stronger. And one of the big ways right now is the use of PEDs. They use them because they are weaker then there opponents. But even though they make you stronger and gives you an edge over on everyone else that is not using them they ruin lives and make people think of you differently as a person. Elite athletes use them to help them win and or play better, example Lance Armstrong who is a seven time Tour de France winner, who was caught “doping” so that he was stronger and had more stamina then his other opponents. Then Alex Rodriguez claimed that he used steroids to help recover from his hip surgery. But when really it was helping him continue to smash the ball even when he was trying to recover from his injury, but he continued to use them after he was better. And the clinic he and twenty seven other professional baseball players were getting them from. When he and Lance were caught they still denied it. They lost a lot of respect in the community because there great performances weren’t really there raw skills and years of training. "A potent cocktail of sophisticated PEDs stacked together to delive...

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...EDs and I am trying to educate the young so that they don’t follow the wrong footsteps, and up banned from the sport they love, and so they will not do exactly what their role model does because sometimes what they do isn’t always the best. But I am excited to go out and make a difference in my community. But the most important thing is that we educate young athletes to not get involved with these drugs, so that they don’t mess their life up and go down the wrong path. Steroids can lead to other drugs possibly and mess up their life even more.

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