Performance Appraisal : The Human Resource Department Essay

Performance Appraisal : The Human Resource Department Essay

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The production managers have inadvertently created a conundrum for the new corporation, specifically the human resource (HR) department. In an effort to focus on productivity goals, the managers treated non-productivity responsibilities (i.e. performance appraisals) as an ancillary duty. As such, the performance of this quasi-ancillary duty was perfunctory and haphazard. Obviously, the managers did little more than marking boxes and signing their names on forms instead of recording accurate and honest observations. Now that the human resource department is aware that the performance appraisals are deficient instead of the evidentiary documentation they were intended to be, the organization cannot use them; the documents are meritless and useless.
Since productivity is an integral element of a manufacturing company’s success, the performance appraisal is a prime indicator predicting how likely production goals will be met, reveals the measure of goal success, and expose individual employees’ level of success or failure in goal attainment. Furthermore, in this scenario, the performance appraisal would be the best method of eliminating employees and starting the new company with the best (most productive) employees available. Howell has to dismiss these useless documents and utilize other strategies to downsize the employee pool. D-Bart plans to implement internal transfers as one means of downsizing, but must consider other strategies to appropriately align the workforce pool with the workforce need.
To choose the most appropriate strategy, an examination of downsizing is warranted. Downsizing is a contemporary issue. In the aftermath of the financial catastrophes that have occurred in the recent past, it has become a relatively co...

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...s, 2013).
Obviously, the performance appraisal process requires attention. As previously noted, top management must address lower management’s breach of duties in an educational and disciplinary context. Otherwise, the infraction is passively promoted by the decision-makers with the subliminal permissiveness. However, not only is it requisite to educate management on the method and purpose of performance appraisal, employees must be educated on how and why performance appraisals are done. An employee who understands what the benchmark is performs at a higher standard and expects consequences for failing to reach the prescribed metrics (Hagen and Peterson, 2015). Furthermore, top management can motivate employees by maintaining continuing education programs not only to teach staff how to perform adequately but to ensure opportunities for professional growth, as well.

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