Essay on Performance Appraisal : Performance Appraisals

Essay on Performance Appraisal : Performance Appraisals

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One of the least favorite job functions a supervisor must take on is performance appraisals of their subordinates. This task usually involves the employee completing a self-evaluation and the supervisor completing an evaluation of the employee. Then, both people meet to discuss the overall results. A performance appraisal is the evaluation of an employee’s performance and provides opportunity to correct deficiencies by establishing performance standards for the employee. Typically, this can require the employee to receive training, feedback, and possibly incentives which establishes positive reinforcement.
Besides correcting deficiencies there are several benefits that depend on the outcome of performance appraisals. These appraisals help supervisors identify employees that exceed work performance standards and may be eligible for promotions. Performance appraisals also help map out compensation packages for employees. The systematic procedure of performance appraisals helps supervisors to identify and prepare training for future development programs. Another added benefit of performance appraisals is it allows supervisors to validate the selection procedure of employees in which changes can be made ensuring the right person is hired for the right job. Through evaluating the performance of employees, the supervisor will be able to determine if standards are being met.
Even though there are numerous benefits to performing performance appraisals, there are some downfalls to them as well. If performance appraisals are not done correctly, they create a negative experience for the employee and possibly the supervisor. This creates a very stressful environment that can bleed into the workforce and wreak havoc on moral. Appraisals are ...

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...or prize but it can be also as simple as recognizing the employee in front of their peers. The important thing is to make them happen.
All managers and supervisor need tools to modify work behavior of their employees. There are several ways in which they can achieve the desired results. Performance appraisals are useful for long term growth and career advancement. For short term results, supervisors have two options available depending on the scenario present. If an employee has substandard performance or violating company policies a supervisor will utilize a corrective action notice to immediately correct the behavior. Conversely, if an employee has exemplary performance, their supervisor should take the opportunity to recognize the employee for their efforts. All of these tools have a time and place to utilize them are critical to achieving an efficient workplace.

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