Essay Performance appraisal in relation to employee and employers

Essay Performance appraisal in relation to employee and employers

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Hendry et al (2000) suggest that appraisal is a “misused” process, designed to control employees’ activities. Nevertheless, past and recent scholars have regarded performance appraisals as a strategic and integral part of an organization (Longenecker and Goff 1992; Coutts and Schneider 2004). Performance appraisal is referred as two simple terms that provoke and propel strong responses, sentiments, opinions and judgment in the organizational context of formal appraisal procedure when mutually used together (Pettijohn L. et al 2001 and Kumar 2005). Most organizations of the world, irrespective of its size, type and product distinction employ the use of performance appraisal; but with different level of accomplishment as an instrument used to drive a mixture of human resource management purpose (Pettijohn L. et al 2001). Past literatures’ suggested that performance appraisal existed based on several rationales which includes making provision for selection decisions, a yardstick for salary increment, a medium for providing feed-back among managers and employees and facilitation of employee development (Mount 1984). Research was focused toward establishing systems for improving the psychometric properties of performance ratings (Mount 1984, Fombrun and Laud 1983). However, future research has attributed development changes in recent performance appraisal system to large scale organisations rather than advances in theory (Redman and Wilkinson 2006).
Numerous definitions as been given to performance appraisal by numerous scholars, researchers and practitioners. According to Flippo (1984), "performance appraisal is the systematic, periodic and an impartial rating of an employee’s excellence in the matters pertaining to hi...

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... the participants. This will lead to enhanced satisfaction for both employees and employers (Crook and Crossman 2004 and Hunt N. 2007).
There are enormous benefits to implementing regular and systematic performance appraisal system within an organization some of which are increase in employee contribution, knowledge and productivity. This can however, come in form of performance consultation, professional training, performance improvement and adequate feedback system which in turn increases employee contribution and ensures smooth productivity of organizations. In order to gain the most benefit and acceptability from performance appraisals it is recommended that a system is developed in consultation with workers and managers, and clear links are established between appraisals and valued rewards and outcomes (Duraisingham V. and Skinner N. 2005).

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