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In preschool we are all carefree, we don’t care about the clothes we wear or the way we write our names all we care about is having fun. But as we grow and become adults the little voices in our heads, or the Censor as Julia Cameron states, also grows and are conditioned to inform us of our mistakes such as how our bow ties are not straight or how our shoes could be cleaner. The training of the censor starts at a young age and although is influenced by various components the perfectionist mindset can be most affected by the harsh aspects of teachers. Teachers have the ability to build a child’s censor into either a strong confident voice or to break it down into a self-loathing perfectionist. Teachers need to be aware of the effect they have on students such as when they make comments to students because even in a joking manner it can be harmful. For instance during my senior year of high school I had a friend whose dream was to become a professional tattoo artist, she had imagined going to college to get a business degree so that she could eventually own her own business but when she told our English teacher about her aspirations our teacher made a joke stating that to she should set up shop in a prison because that would be the only place that she’ll ever get any business. While our teacher thought this to only be a joke it made a tremendous impression on my friend’s censor and how she would go about the activities she did from then on. Therefore schools need to encourage the acceptance of mistakes and help children realize the boundaries between expectations and being perfect while also promoting confidence in their ability to succeed.
Perfectionist struggle with being unable to control a situation, Brenda Gargus suggests tha...

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... from their mistakes rather than allow a perfectionist mind set take over the result is a confident cheerful adult whose censor is able to show them the good things about themselves rather than focusing on the bad.

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