The Perfect World Begins and Ends Essay

The Perfect World Begins and Ends Essay

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"Cuz the perfect world begins and ends with," sings the theme song singer, "Me" (Emperor’s New Groove)! answers Emperor Kuzko as he points to his face with both index fingers. In The Emperor’s New Groove, Kuzko’s view of the meaning of the universe is apparent in the movie’s first lines. The universe revolves around whoever sits on the emperor's chair. As the story unfolds, an entire worldview is explored. The Emperor’s New Groove displays an unbiblical worldview of moral truths and classic myths.
The opening song of The Emperor’s New Groove displays the main character’s personality and nature. Emperor Kuzko is an arrogant, egocentric man. At the closing of the song, the Incan Emperor summons Pacha, the burly headman of a nearby village on the outskirts of town. Nonchalantly, he announces the he is demolishing Pacha's house for the construction of his summer home Kuzkotopia. Enraged, Pacha protests and is dismissed. Moments later, Kuzko catches his longtime advisor, the ancient, power-hungry Ezma, sitting on his throne. He callously fires her for attempting to run the kingdom. Livid, Ezma takes her naive right-hand man Kronk to her secret lair where she begins plotting the Emperor’s death to take full control of the kingdom. The wrong poison is served to Kuzko and his body transforms into a llama instead of instantly dying. Ezma commands Kronk to dispose of Kuzko. When Kronk is about to kill Kuzko, his mythical shoulder angels intervene. Accidentally, Kronk drops Kuzko onto Pacha's cart and he ends up at the top of Pacha's middle-of-nowhere village. Stranded in the jungle, his only chance to reclaim his throne rests in the hands of good-hearted Pacha. The journey back to the village with trials and tribulation change Kuzko forever...

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...around a finite man offers no meaning for history. Without absolutes, the shoulder angels set individual standards for people. This results in unpunished murderers and conflict with no law to regulate it. Sin causes suffering; but if man was born without a sinful nature, then there should be no sin. Ultimately, the only source that sufficiently answers the questions encompassing life is the book provided by the One who gives life.

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