Perfect Pottery 's Recent Transition Into America Essay

Perfect Pottery 's Recent Transition Into America Essay

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Perfect Pottery’s recent transition into America has created some problems within the companies HR department. This report will address just a few of the numerous problems that have arisen from the recent and drastic change.
The problems need to first be prioritized and ordered to figure out what the biggest and smallest ones are. Perfect Pottery could go about this in a hierarchical fashion. The company would decide what problem prevents the most things from being accomplished. This would be its first dilemma that would need to be addressed. Then, what is the second most inconveniencing thing, fix this problem second, and so on.
The six main issues that the business has is its main leadership style, next is the issue of absenteeism they have within the company. (Look to graph 1) The next problematic thing would be Perfect Pottery’s employee’s productivity. Following this would be the issue of defective product coming off the production line. The last problems that needs some attention, but would be fixed last, would be the American employees receiving less vacation time compared to the company’s sister company in the UK. Branching off this would then be the amount of maternity leave time not being quite long enough.
The first, and biggest problem that Perfect Pottery has is its leadership style. Being such a large building block of the company, this would have to be slowly transitioned to something better. This is a problem because the company does not consider what employees say and don’t realize the problems that the staff has.
The current type of autocratic leadership creates many problems in the workplace for not just the employee but also for the employer. For one, employees don’t like there managers in their faces, and...

... middle of paper ...

...d employees. First, the employers once again will be receiving more money that wasn’t being received originally. This is now due to the increased productivity from workers learning how to properly function with the robots. However the classes will also cost some money so employers will need to pay for them to be given. This’ll also be good for the employees because it will make the job more exciting as well as enjoyable as the employees actually know what to do and how to do it.
After this, defective production can be repaired. This is also a problem because with defective products coming of the assembly line, employers are losing money and the company is getting a bed reputation.
Perfect Pottery’s employers are the biggest ones being affected by this. Employers are losing the money and also having to deal with the people who complain about these defective products.

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