The Perfect Paragraph And Kurt Vonnegut 's Writing With Style Essay

The Perfect Paragraph And Kurt Vonnegut 's Writing With Style Essay

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Learning to be an adequate writer for certain people can be as easy as putting a pen to paper, but for others writing has proven to be a frustrating and difficult process. It can be challenging for a new student facing the first essay paper wondering what to sort out first; there is a great deal of confusing and tricky processes to follow, and rules to abide by. While the plethora of resources made available to avid seekers is practically limitless, it is no surprise that writing still isn’t a smooth process. Taking that into consideration, two profound authors in writing could aid with this kind of struggle. William Safire’s “The Perfect Paragraph” and Kurt Vonnegut’s “How to Write with Style”, providing their readers with an excellent starting platform in their writings.
William Safire is well known for being an acclaimed New York Herald Tribune columnist with being credited for various publishings. Having such experience as a writer, Safire gives his expert advice on how to form paragraphs in his writing “The Perfect Paragraph”; he uses narrative writings dressed with stories filled with a dazzling vocabulary and examples on forming the perfect paragraph. Safire demonstrates how important it is to break articles off into paragraphs to inform his readers on the basic importance paragraphing holds in writing. Paragraphing makes reading easier to do, “that’s the purpose of paragraphing: to give the reader a breather by sensibly breaking up the prose” (37). While Safire is amusing to read, yet he does not provide his audience with a step by step guide to creating a perfect paragraph. Instead, he offers the understanding of the concept and leaves it to the readers to decide what they are comfortable with. Safire illustrates his...

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...formative papers are excellent sources of material, the authors have styled them towards very specific audiences for example, Safire’s work is more relaxed whereas Vonnegut is more active.
In conclusion, both writers understand the importance of progress and give reference to further writing advancement. The hardest part of writing is discovering a place to start. After reading work from both authors, students may have a better understanding of where to start and how to continue writing. Indeed, both authors are very different at times, but the important quality they both have in common is their commitment to writing. Both William Safire and Kurt Vonnegut have a clear love for writing, and this is well conveyed through their work. They express the importance writing holds to readers, giving the reader the advantage to excel in his or her private or academic career.

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