Perfect Image Of The United States : Deserved Or Not? Essay

Perfect Image Of The United States : Deserved Or Not? Essay

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Perfect Image of the United States: Deserved or Not?
Many believe that the United States is the best country in the world. Simply hearing the word U.S.A., people think of freedom, a better future, more rights, a safe place where everyone wants to be, granting it the reputation it has received of being a great world power if not the greatest. However, the United States does not deserve this reputation for it being a world leader because this country is like a trash bag; tries to conceal and present itself as a different reality leaving people to question whether the U.S really is the best because according to world rankings, the U.S. isn 't as impressive as people think.
Before the United States even became a country, people saw it as a new beginning, a place they could start over and be someone totally different forgetting about everything and willing to leave it behind to start something new. This idea of the U.S. has been around since before its’ existence as an actual country and continues to exist. However, the U.S. who was once ranked among one of the top economical, educational, provider of the most mass production, and overall major world leader, has seen itself continue to drop in all of these categories compared to other countries. It all starts with the U.S. federal spending. Where does all the federal money really go? The proposed total spending for the fiscal year of 2015 is that of which one of the most important factor, education, only receiving 2% of the capital (Tucker).This just seems unscrupulous.
This really becomes a substantial problem since the United States is continuing to drop in the ranking in math, reading, and science scores compared to other countries. They are not seeing that education is key to have...

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...the African slave, but the significance behind all this is that which shows that the United States government wasn’t built by the people for the people, but for the interest of making the best money possible. In the end, money is what moves the world. The U.S. knew that without it, it wouldn’t get very far and that’s how come very few rich people exist. However, it is those few risk taking people that keep this nation going, because without them, who knows where the U.S. would be.
“What the people want is very simple. They want an America as good as its promise ”(Jordan). For decades, America has gained a reputation that has overshadowed the negatives it has done over the years and continues doing. Even though it claims it is the best, it has failed to demonstrate and keep its promises it once assured showing how it should not receive the reputation it has obtained.

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