The Perfect Companion - Original Writing Essay

The Perfect Companion - Original Writing Essay

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The Perfect Companion

Astoria squinted her eyes as she slowly began to awaken from her slumber, but the sun shinning through her window made it next to impossible to keep her eyes open. She finally rolled over so the sunshine could no longer reach her face. Astoria grumbled as she rolled out of bed and started to rub the sleepy sand out of her eyes, when she paused...
"Oh my! Today is the day!" She yelled to herself.
She sprang up from the floor and rushed over to her calendar and glanced at the red circle over today 's date. Today was February 26th and written on this date were the words "Astoria finally meets Killian!".

Everything that lead up to February 26th took place just over a year ago. Astoria had just finished school and moved out on her own. Living on her own was great and gave her a lot of freedom but she started to feel very lonely. She had many friends but no one that could be there all the time. She just wanted someone who would be there when she got home from a day out in the town or after getting groceries. Someone to greet her at the door with a smile and kisses. Someone to spend the night with and share each others warmth. But being in a small city it was hard to find a companion of her own. Astoria decided to take her chances online. She was a bit nervous at first as online can be very unpredictable but she soon realized it was the easiest way to do so. She spent weeks and weeks finding the best websites, with the best reviews that were still close to her home town or in her home town. All in hopes of finding the perfect companion. It took some time, but eventually she found the best websites and began to look through the thousands of profiles. Her hard work seemed to be paying off. There were so many ...

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...n happier. Killian made his way towards her and Astoria couldn’t take the excitement anymore and collapsed to the ground, putting her hands towards her face to hide her embarrassment. She was crying at this point, but these were not tears of sadness, but tears of joy as they were accompanied by a smile. Killian cam over and sat beside her and she looked him in the eyes and smiled even bigger. Her worries disappeared and as Killian Lay his head on her shoulder Astoria could feel the softness of his golden locks brushing her cheek and the warmth of his breath on her neck. At his moment, not only did Astoria know, but the lady at the desk knew, this would be the day that Astoria got to take her newly, adopted, companion named Killian home. Killian would be the best golden retriever Astoria could of ever had the chance to adopt and the wait was all worth it in the end.

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