Essay about Percussionist; Their Music, Their Life

Essay about Percussionist; Their Music, Their Life

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Society is driven by many factors, which affect individuals. One of these factors is music. Music is the life and blood of our world, brings together both young and old, bridging the gap between generations. With music, there are no boundaries such as language, but can bring two very different cultures through actions. A simple song can evoke emotions both sad and joyful as well as memories (Hanes, J. 2004). This profound effect which music has on individuals, is the motivational factor for people to learn new instruments, and to attain the same hypnotic ability already present in todays world.
On March 1, 2014, at Windsor Family Credit Union in Windsor, Ontario, I attended a performance of a popular musical group known as Hedley (Appendix A). The music presented at the show is considered to be pop rock. The group members consist of Jacob Hoggard, vocalist (although he also plays piano, guitar and electric guitar), Tommy Mac; bassist and vocalist, Dave Rosin; guitarist and vocalist and one of the most important members of the band, Chris Crippin, the percussionist.
The atmosphere of the centre was celebratory and enticing. This concert was energetic, spirited and extremely loud. Hedley has such popularity across Canada and when combined with the music they created, is inspiring. The group was motivational, motivating the audience to dance and sing along with the performance. The number of individuals participating during the show supported this.
Hedley Health
When reviewing the concert, the stage was set up in a unique way. There were three towers to the back of the stage, with the drummer poised on the middle tower approximately twelve feet high. The stage protruded out into the crowd approximately forty feet, which then proc...

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...ges of 35 to 50. As Chris Crippen will be forty years old this summer, if he has had any injuries to his upper limbs, he will be at higher risk for frozen shoulder. As presented in Appendix C, the viewer can visually see the muscles, tendons and ligaments while under stress and strain. .
Treatments for the pre mentioned conditions vary, however the most successful is the change in the level of activity. This allows for time to rest and heal. Medication can sometimes help with the healing process with the reduction in pain and reduced inflammation. Where as surgery is typically reserved as a last resort, or for dislocations and sometimes rotator cuff tears. (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. December 2010). All treatments are well supported by physiotherapy and can aid an individual in the return to good health (Theodosopoulos, P. Jan. 26, 2011).

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