Essay on Perceptions Of Police Abusive Behavior : Factors Influencing Citizens

Essay on Perceptions Of Police Abusive Behavior : Factors Influencing Citizens

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Laville-Wilson, Debra. "Perceptions of Police Abusive Behavior: Factors Influencing Citizens ' Attitudes Toward the Police use of Excessive Force." Order No. 1402162, Old Dominion University, 2000.
This article talks about the many factors that influences the public view on police brutality. For example, the conflict theory and the cognitive consistency theory were mentioned as general ways to explain how the people take the different occurrences of police brutality. From those theories, the author then came up with five hypotheses. The first analysis shows that African American were three times more likely than Whites to see the use of excessive force as a huge problem. The second finding say that race was responsible for only a small percentage on the perceptions of police brutality. While race is very significant, others factors like contact with the police, and confidence in the police are important in determining views toward the police use of excessive force.
The question of how different race, class, age and other groups see the roles and functions of the police in society is based on three theories, The Functional Model, The Class Conflict Model, and The Colonial Model. The first states that these groups wouldn’t have many different views on the behavior of the police. The Class Conflict Model says there should be major differences in the views about the police between socioeconomic groups, with the lower groups more likely to perceive p...

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...supporters of the law enforcement system would agree that something must change to repair the reputation and relationships after the recent problems over racism, secrecy, and accountability. However, critics are torn on the best way to go about getting this reform. The discussion about police reform got more publicity last November video surfaced showing a Chicago cop shooting a 17-year-old 16 times in the back. One solution some suggest is community policing where officers patrol a certain area and build relationships with the citizens to gain a sense of familiarity with the community and their surroundings. Marc Lamont Hill suggests decreasing the overcriminalization of small crimes, which target mostly minorities. Futterman says departments should terminate officers who lie on reports and prosecute anyone seeks revenge against their peers for reporting misconduct.

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