Perceptions Of Language Acquisition Of Primary Grade Level Teachers And Students

Perceptions Of Language Acquisition Of Primary Grade Level Teachers And Students

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Perceptions of Language Acquisition of Primary Grade-Level Teachers and Students

The foundational language skills include rhyming, phonemic awareness, grapho-phonemic awareness, and vocabulary development in the early years. It is evident that students who are learning a new language struggle to acquire vocabulary and develop the necessary comprehension strategies that accompany true literacy awareness. Language development of students is becoming increasingly challenging for educators as the numbers of children from diverse populations are rapidly rising. While there are implemented programs in the public school system across America to bridge the language barrier gap among these students, there seems to be a reoccurring theme among researchers that entails the perceptions of teachers. Taking a closer look at the perceptions educators have about primary grade-level students who struggle with language acquisition can make a difference in the support that is offered to all members involved. Ensuring that the best intervention programs are essential for these young diverse learners.
This literature review explores primary themes: (a) teachers – their perceptions; (b) diversity – understanding it; (c) vocabulary – attitudes about approaches used; (d) language – relationship between skill and acquisition rate; (e) achievement – possible consequences of retention as an intervention, and (f) languages – diversity. Although each theme can be isolated for further discussion, for purposes of gathering a better grasp of the intensity of importance that should be placed on the development of such critical language acquisition skills in these young children for successful outcomes, we will look at them in terms of how pra...

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.... Individual, demographic, community background, background identity, cross-cultural experiences, exposure to inequity, environmental factors, and types of training these educators had were much of the information that was gathered for this study. “Studying multicultural education involved acknowledging aspects of diversity and power with implications for social justice, but the locales were less descript or assumed, thus only two participants specifically mentioned global implications as a facet of multicultural education” (Stenhouse, 2012, p. 20). This particular quote caught my undivided attention. This study was completed with a total of ten teacher participants and only two of those thought about cultural diversity in education and the global implications for students. This means that roughly about 20% of teachers are in the same ballpark with those ideas.

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