Perception on Life

Perception on Life

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Viktor Frankl said, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance, to choose one’s way.” I support this quote because if something doesn’t go the way you want it you could either look at the bright and spirited part of it, and make things better, or look at the dull and awful part of it, and make things worse. If it were me I would always try to look at the bright part of it, especially since you are the one who chooses your own perception and outlook on life. That is why you should think of it like this; do you want your perception on life to be tremendous and wonderful or dreadful and horrific.
First of all my life is wonderful and tremendous I would have to say. Although, every so often it turns dreadful, but I always manage to turn it around so I can be happy and joyful again. Even though, when I was younger my life wasn’t like it is today. I had to deal with enormous changes in my life to get it the way it is today. The biggest change had to deal with friendship.
When I was younger I would have done anything to be popular. All I knew about it was that it was a huge conflict with kids in school. Also I thought that if you were popular that everybody likes you and you were the center of attention. Well like a normal kid I didn’t listen to everything someone said. If I did my life would have been a lot simpler.
One part I missed out on was one of the biggest parts of popularity. It was that there are two types of popularity. One of them is the good popularity where everybody knows you for the good things you have done and wants to be around you. On the other hand there is a bad popularity where everybody knows you for the horrible and nasty things you have done and nobody wants to be around you. I figured out that I wasn’t the good popular at first either.
Once I figured out that I wasn’t the good popular I tried to think of ways I had to become the bad type of popularity. It kept baffling me. I couldn’t stand not knowing why, so I tried to think back to see what I have done in my past to make people not like me.

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Then I figured it out. It was all because of the people I was hanging out with. My friends use to make fun of kids who had made mistakes. People use to say that my friends could make something really small into something really dramatic. The only thing was that we never thought of how the kids might react or feel. The kids could have been embarrassed, sad, hurt, or even ashamed of themselves. Once I saw this in myself I know it was time for me to make s change.
The first thing I had to do was change my friends. I knew it wouldn’t be easy because of how long we have all been together for, but luckily I did it. I had gotten rid of my old friends. Then I thought how I will get new friends since most of the kids didn’t like me. Somehow I got an idea on how to get new friends. It had worked; I got new friends that actually cared about people. Although, when I got my new friends I felt different around them. It was weird for a while until I actually found out that my old friends weren’t actually true friends. Real friends would support you in everything you do, while my old friends didn’t. After that I never went back to them.
To sum it up my biggest change in perception was my friendship. Also I will never to my life style; instead I will keep moving forward in the world. To make my life as good as it can get.
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