Perception Of Women And Gender Inequality Essay

Perception Of Women And Gender Inequality Essay

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Perception of Women
Equality has been and will always be a problem in our world. Not everyone can choose to have the job they want, do what they want or simply live the life they want. There is inequality in matters of race, sexual orientation, social class and gender. I know that both genders face some sort of gender inequality. While browsing through the internet, I saw four advertisements that depicted women in a sexist and discriminatory way. I chose to do my essay on these advertisements because I find them relatable. These ads are promoting UN Women, a United Nations entity working for the empowerment of women. All of the advertisements are similar but also convey different messages.
The audience will first notice the sad, empty look the women have. They seem lifeless and discontented. There is also a Google search bar replacing the mouths of all women. At first, I thought the google searches were there just to show discrimination against women. I then read online that the search bar was used to represent silencing the women. The google searches correspond with the hidden message of silencing women. In each image, it is stated what women should or shouldn’t do. Its as if women should simply exist but should not make any decisions or have a say in their own lives. Sadly, the statements on the search bars are genuine google searches, highlighting popular opinions across the world wide web. Of course, the observer can easily recognize that the females come from different ethnicities. The treatment of women differs among cultures. That’s where the contrasting happens between the two advertisements.
The first picture shows a semi-dark woman wearing a hijab. The audience can infer that she is Muslim because of what she’s wearing...

... middle of paper ...

...or example, women weren 't allowed to vote in America until the 1920s. However, women do have different preferences. Some do like to cook while others would love to be housemakers. Mistreatment of females don’t occur in just one location. Multiple countries, cultures and religions have a similar way of treating their women. These advertisements are used as an eye opener for those who disregard females. It gives empowerment to women. While some viewers may feel that the advertisements are biased, they should know that the art was directed by Christopher Hunt. He has also made a comment on his work, saying, “When we came across these searches, we were shocked by how negative they were and decided we had to do something with them.” These ads are not used to bash the opposite gender but to show the world how much women still have to do in order to obtain gender equality.

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