Perception of the Unknown Should Be Sympathetically Good Essay

Perception of the Unknown Should Be Sympathetically Good Essay

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Everyone has a different perception than another, such a different perception that should be taken into account by other people. Whether people are blind or crazy, some people of this world are impaired so their lives are limited. The unknown can be very mind-boggling to these impaired people. Though at the same time there is a strong possibility that there are also even more unknown things to unimpaired people. Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave” and “Seeing” by Annie Dillard suggest that knowledge and reality are both a matter of perception based on experiences; and as such, great care should be taken by anyone who attempts to redefine the perceptions of another.
Just as everyone’s perception differs their comfort zone also differs. People are born and adapt to the surrounding physical world but if it is limited that does not mean these people are bound to be uncomfortable. In “Seeing Annie Dillard shows, “a twenty-one-year-old girl, the doctor relates, ‘Her unfortunate father, who had hoped for so much from this operation, wrote that his daughter carefully shuts her eyes whenever she wishes to go about the house, especially when she comes to a staircase, and that she is never happier or more at ease than when, by closing her eyelids, she relapses into her former state of total blindness ‘“ (414). The girl was only familiar with her blindness and not aware of her new sight, so she preferred to close her eyes in peace. Dillard describes in her book, patients recovering from cataracts surgery and being given sight. Some patients cherish their sight, thinking it is an absolute miracle, but others hate their sight because it is so unknown to them. Dillard then tries not to take her sight for granted but cannot see as the newly sighte...

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...physical world and knowledge. If someone is comfortable or maybe trapped in a world of confusion, madness or blindness then they need help, love, and care is all. Dillard putting herself in the shoes of cataract surgery patients is caring. Socrates and Plato realizing that people see things differently because of the lives they lead are insightful. King creating horror stories and telling his readers why they love them is entertaining. So a good perception is key to staying sane and discovering the unknown in the safest way.

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