Perception Of The Olfactory Bulb Essay

Perception Of The Olfactory Bulb Essay

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A. The principals of perception to people’s reactions to bad smells are stronger than their reactions to nice ones, what we can smell can be more important than what we can see, smelling is believing?
A. Per the text book page 86, perception is defined as the process in which a person takes in external stimuli and how one comprehends the data (Schiffman 86). For example, two test subjects of similar background female, 30, both raised in same Midwest county can be exposed to the exact same sample and perceive the stimuli completely contrary to each other. One could think the sample smells refreshing where the other subject with an olfactory sensitivity developed a headache.
B. People’s reactions to bad smells are stronger than their reactions to good smell. Smell is intimately linked to the areas of the brain that process emotion. The olfactory bulb in the brain helps process smell into behaviors like mood and memory (Dowdey, 2015). Occasionally the scent of my deceased grandmother will encompass me making me feel happy and safe. Being that humans emotions are interconnected to their memories’ one is more predisposed to remember an awful scent (or experience) more so than a pleasant one (Thompson, 2007). For example: When I was a little girl a ferret bit me on the ear and hung on, I was terrified. Now anytime I see a ferret I become scared and start to sweat.
C. As tied into paragraph B smell is always as important as how one perceives through sight; perception is key. Say June and Mary walk past the supermarket bakery and both smell pecan pie baking. The smell makes June happy because she remembers the awesome Thanksgiving that she helped her grandmother bake all day. Contrary to June Mary is overcome with feelings of sadness...

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...y opinion Febreeze is trying to connect a viewer to memory relating to the stinky car.
5. Benefit segmentation as defined by the text book is an approach used based on the benefits a
Consumer perceives from the product G426.
A. Febreeze ginger. At least in my experience I steer clear of Febreeze because the overpowering scent gives me a migraine. The Febreeze ginger would benefit me as a consumer, because the product is advertised as having a soft, non-overpowering scent.
B. Febreeze candle. People love candles and there is a large market for air-freshing candles. By marketing the candle people who love candles and great scent would most likely purchase the product.
C. Febreeze air effect toasted almond. This product would benefit consumers that are looking for unique scents. The beauty of this product is most likely cater to bakers that enjoy the smell of almond.

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