Perception of 4th Year ECE Students to the Implications of the Proposed Abolishment of the Retention Grade

Perception of 4th Year ECE Students to the Implications of the Proposed Abolishment of the Retention Grade

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Over the years, there is a need to improve the quality of education. Schools are encouraged to adapt grade retention to set academic standards. Moreover, when a student has failed to meet grade-level competencies, retaining the child is one of the considered solution for development. And more understanding of the set of courses of the retained grade that will help the students to be prepared to attain the academic and social standards of the succeeding level, in that way the prospect of intellectual and social success will rise (Hughes. 2008).
According to Jimerson, Woehr, Kaufman & Anderson (2004), the use of grade retention has increased in the past 25 years, regardless of the research that did not succeed to prove its usefulness. About 2 million students are being retained every year, and students that are held back before ninth grade is ranging between 30% to 50%. Research proved that retention grade is an ineffective strategy to one’s success, though some may see it as a solution on standards and accountability. There is clearly no involvement that will be an effective solution to the specific needs of all low-achieving students. Furthermore, based on U.S. National Center for Education Statistics (2006), about 9.6% of youth going in ages between 16 to 19 were being retained in 2004. It shows that the highest retention rates are seen between deprived minors.
As written in College Student Handbook in De La Salle Lipa, students must obtain grades of at least 2.50 in all their first year, second year, and third year levels ECE licensure- related courses as defined in the ECE licensure examination syllabi in order to be retained in the BSECE program. Students who failed to meet the retention requirement for the ECE-licensure ...

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