The Perception Of Final Year Nursing Students Being Abused By Educators Essay

The Perception Of Final Year Nursing Students Being Abused By Educators Essay

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The perception of final year nursing students being abused by educators
Literature review
The education research 2011 described the types and sources of abusive and violent behaviours faced by nursing students in their final year of nursing education (Cooper et al.,2011). Workplace violence, defined as violent acts directed toward workers, includes physical assault, the treat of assault and verbal abuse. It has far reaching and long term consequences for workers health and safety. (Magnavita & Heponiemi , 2011).
The same research was shown in 2011, which was concerned with the workplace violence faced by students at their placements and its impacts on the well-being of nurses. (Cooper et al.,2011). In order to achieve the perception of students regarding bullying incidents, a survey was completed, which showed that more than a majority of the students were bullied by their educators. Among them, most were females of young age. Also, six hundred and thirty six students reported the incidents of bullying in one or the other form. It is still believed to be students’ own perception, they can take the fairly marked assessments perceived as unfair or biased. This puts a negative impact on students’ health as well as their academic performance, and explains the cycle of abuse faced by nursing students, which factors in to the likelihood of students becoming the abusers in the future. The other negative impact is the increase in the dropout rates of nursing students. (Magnavita & Heponiemi , 2011).
Recommendations to report bullying in nursing education includes students’ being educated on reporting the incidents appropriately and to the right person. Establishing a code of behaviour in academic setting can also reduce the c...

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.... Therefore making the survey less effective. The Sample size of the group could diminish throughout the year due to higher dropouts. There is a possibility that students may have felt intimidated or that responses may have not been truthful because of fear of retaliation.
Achieving and maintaining acceptable response levels requires good management with repeating surveys. There should be full disclosure of why the survey is been conducted and how it is going to assist the future students. Bribing the students with lollies or gold star can induce them to willingly take part in the survey. (Cornish, 2002)
Handing survey on the way out of the classroom into a secure drop box can also help them maintain their privacy and confidentiality. We can make sure everyone is present before the presentation of survey by conducting everything at the end of class. (Cornish, 2002)

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