Essay Perception of Body Ormanatation in Culture

Essay Perception of Body Ormanatation in Culture

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Body art and ornamentation is something that has been with us for centuries. All cultures in the world relate to some form body art and ornamentation. Body art and ornamentation is basically visual and as such for one to understand the message being communicated it is imperative that one understands symbolic representations of the culture in question. Previous studies on the topic body art and ornamentation have shown both differences and similarities in regard to meaning, perception as well as differences on the part of the body found. Tattoos for instance have varying meanings across different cultures. The meanings and perceptions on ornamentation and where it is donned also vary significantly. Although Different cultures may have similar or almost similar forms of body art and ornamentation, the meanings and perceptions placed on them may be entirely different depending on the culture.

Body Art and Ornamentation
Body art and ornamentation cannot be considered a new fad since various forms of the same from body piercings, tattooing and even head shaping have all been witnessed in the past. Some scientists in their studies are of the view that paints used for cave walls could also have been used for body art. Some culture made use of quail pens or fish bones as tools for tattooing their bodies or bird bones to make piercings on their bodies. On the other hand, ornaments and decorations such as jewelry were also used to depict different meanings in various cultures. This paper mainly focuses on China and two cultures, the Dai people and Dulong people, in regards to their views on body ornaments and art with a specific emphasis on tattooing of the body. The reason I selected to discuss two cultures within China is becaus...

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.... Tattooing remains popular today and especially amongst the young as fashion trend and an expression of freedom and individuality.

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