Perception, Kinesics, Initial Interaction and Self-Concept/Esteem in "Pretty Woman"

Perception, Kinesics, Initial Interaction and Self-Concept/Esteem in "Pretty Woman"

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Standing on a street corner waiting for a guy to pick you up for sex probably isn’t the idle way to start romantic relationship, well at least its not a way to start one that will last more than a week or a few days. But in the movie a wealthy businessman Edward picks up Pretty Woman Vivien. Over the course of the movie they develop an intense bond for each other. While watching this movie I came across the four major concepts that I felt played a major role in the film Perception, Kinesics, Initial Interaction and Self-Concept/Esteem.
Kinesics is the study of body movements and gestures. There are many forms of Kinesics but the most prevalent form portrayed in this movie is Adaptors. Adaptors tend to be signs of either tension or boredom, and are general not positive. Adaptors are excess unmotivated movement, usually in the hands or feet (Beebe, Steven A., Susan J. Beebe, and Mark V. Redmond. "Nonverbal Messages). Adaptors played a significant part in the movie. Fidgeting is how Vivien express to us when she’s nervous. She fidgeting’s throughout the whole. At dinner she started to fidget because she had never been to such a fancy restaurant before, while she was attending a Polo match she started to fidget because she wasn't in familiar surroundings and once again while on the way to the opera. In all of these instances she felt uneasiness about her surroundings. Vivien adaptors helped us understand how she feels about being around new surroundings. Being able to understand Vivien’s adaptors help views better understand the transition she went through in the movie, from hooking on the streets of Hollywood Blvd to shopping in Beverly Hills, attending fancy dinners and attending polo matches. Her adaptors tell us more than t...

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