Perceived Barrier And Social Mobility Essay example

Perceived Barrier And Social Mobility Essay example

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Perceived Barrier and Social Mobility
I have chosen to review Perceived Barrier to opportunity article [2010] written by Ornelas and Perreira. I will be comparing it with the article Latino in the Aftermath of the Great Recession [2005] by Trans and Valdez. In the Ornela ’s and Perreira ’s article they explores perceived barrier to opportunity among Latino immigrants can cause unhealthy behavior such as substance use and alcohol . In the Tran’s and Valdez’s article they reviewed by comparing Latino second generation’s outgrowth with the Latino first generation [parents] outgrowth. Moreover the social progress of the Latino second generation comparing to their native peers whites. In the article of Ornela ’s and Perreira the perceived barrier to Latina immigrants were legal status barrier, language statues barrier, and race/ethnicity barrier . In the Trans’ and Valdez’s article they focused on the Latino second generation such as access of opportunity at education and employment. In the Ornela’s and Perreira’s article they reviewed that discrimination based on racial/ethnicity was common among latino immigrants living in us. In the Tray’s and Valdez’s article the arrival of new Latino immigrants made it easier for the Latino second generation to close the gap for the access of opportunity with the native peers such as access to higher education and employment. In the Ornela’s and Perreira’s article they explores that they used for the study logistic regression to do the test between perceived barrier and odd of binge drinking in the 30 days. In the Tran’s and Valdez’s article they explores although the Latino second generation had economic integration with other races but Latino group assimilation gradually appeared and co...

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...mployment and education through time. Generally he explored that the native American groub get extreme advantages over the minority groub.
I think the finding of both articles it can be interpreted because the data was cross sectional. The research is well organized and answers most of the claims. The cross sectional data has association and similarity. Although the study has limitations the study can contribute the research of race/ ethnicity barrier, language barrier and legal statues barrier among immigrants. In contrast The Tran’s article was not comparing directly between the first generation Latino and second generation Latino but it was focusing on the different outcomes of various racial groups and immigrant generations. In addition both article did not mention to the role of family culture and value contribution in shaping once society.

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