Pepsi 's Effect On Social Media Essay

Pepsi 's Effect On Social Media Essay

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A small smile, a booming laugh, and a little play on words helped Pepsi’s ad “Scary Halloween” reach viral status on social media in 2013. Ads can be a triumph or a failure depending on how well the rhetorical appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos are used to convey an ad’s message. This ad’s largest draw was its use of pathos, making the viewers laugh and smile alongside Pepsi over their sly jokes.. “Scary Halloween” also engaged the audience by causing the viewers to cringe at the thought of their chosen soft drink being replaced. Pepsi also has massive amounts of credibility in the soda industry since it has been on the market for over 100 years, giving it ample room to poke at its competitors. Pepsi’s Halloween ad was successful because of its effective use of the emotion and the credibility of the product.
In the ad, “Scary Halloween”, a Pepsi soda can is ready for this upcoming Halloween by wearing its new costume. The can is sporting a blood red cloak that shows a striking resemblance to Dracula’s cloak. The cloak is partially opened in the front so the viewer can still see the Pepsi symbol clearly on the can. It also looks like it is being ruffled a little bit by the wind. There is white lettering written across the cloak that reads, ‘Cola-Coca’ in the Coca-Cola font type. Pepsi cleverly swapped the ‘C’ and the ‘L’ in Coca-Cola’s name to give the impression that the Pepsi can is wearing an imitation Coca-Cola costume. The background of the ad is a mountain ravine complete with dark shadows and sharp rocks, giving this ad a mood of dark and scary. The only text is, ‘We wish you a scary Halloween!’ which is thinly printed with white letters towards the top of the ad.
Laughter is how Pepsi chose to grab the viewers’ attention...

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...ow the number two soft drink choice in America, gives Pepsi-Cola a lot of credibility in the soda drink market.
In this ad, the use of logos or facts is not present, although this does not seem to diminish the overall effectiveness of the ad. Because this ad relies so heavily on emotion and the viewer seeing the ad as light hearted and fun, adding facts to the ad could have ruined the success of the other two appeals.
Pathos and ethos are used effectively in the ‘Scary Pepsi’ ad. The ad engages its readers at first glance with emotion and further engages with the use of Pepsi’s own credibility. Pepsi’s ability to easily get a laugh and connect with its audience allowed it to gain viral status after it sparked a debate between Pepsi and Coke lovers. Over all, the Halloween print ad was a successful campaign because of its effective use of emotion and credibility.

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