The People With Self Entitlement Essay

The People With Self Entitlement Essay

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People with self-entitlement, think that they are entitled to get whatever they want, when they want it. People as such are self-centered and have little to no regard for anyone other than themselves; I think people like this could also be classified as shallow individuals who see things in only their own self absorbs ways. They can be vain, with no foundation establish in the person of working toward getting what you need first and then work on the wants second. They only things they can comprehend with is taking or receiving, giving and repeating the fruits of one’s labor does not exist in their own little world because there is no space for such reality of life in them. Sad these people will never know the feeling of working hard for something and getting it. The highest level is missing having faith that objects or matters of the heart will come in time. I wonder if being impatient and what I heard a lot of people called “easy money” has a lot to do with why some people commit crimes. Westley (1970) asserts in his book Violence and the police: A sociological study of law, custom, and morality that the second officer he interviewed said “they like to see whether they can’t get by the easy way and they don’t want to work” (as cited in in Allen & Scott, 2013, p. 208). Allen & Scott (2013) agreed to this claim by stating that “some criminals have the opportunity to work and the smarts to do so, but do not have the will power to make good on that circumstance” (p. 208). I could not have said it better the only thing I would like to add to that is criminal for lazy and self-absorb people is not limited to poor, and middleclass individuals, and also to the rich and famous who have over pampered and have been excuse by their loved one...

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... any moral ethical beliefs such in the case of Ministries International Church.
Intimidation and violence against in my opinion is the biggest of all reasons why people commit crime; criminals like this feel superior in terms physical strength, and psychological determination an aggressor has on the innocent people’s lives. Hagan (2013) argued that “male physical strength and agility also favor males’ greater participation in certain crimes such as robbery and burglary” (p. 65). This can also be applied to physical abuse and taking advantage of elderly people who are in the fragile state in the lifetime, rape, and other sexual misconducts and the psychological obsession over another human being; especially the ones that unaware of their stalker; “the threat of potential sexual victimization also limits females’ mobility and access to criminal haunts” (Hagan, 65).

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