Essay on People with Disabilities, Their Voices Heard

Essay on People with Disabilities, Their Voices Heard

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Government believe that by demolishing large institutions that once housed people with disabilities and integrating them into communities will solve the social “gap” that exists between the two. However, is this really the solution? In the article “No longer shut away, people with a disability are still shut out”, Rhonda Galbally, 2009, reports that this action taken for segregation is a ‘national disgrace’ and where people with disabilities did once feel excluded from society, now feel more pushed away than ever.
According to National People with Disabilities and Carer Council 2009, In 2008, The Australian Government conducted surveys asking community members to discuss their thoughts and experiences on people with disabilities. Results concluded that whilst people with disabilities are present in the community, many do not enjoy participating in it. Every day facilities we take for granted, people in wheel chairs are not able to access such as public transport, playgrounds, swimming pools, cinemas, restaurants and hotels. Young children are excluded from kindergarten and schools, and employment opportunities are discarded because of their disability. Many of these people are not able to receive the care and support they need, this includes just needing help to be able to get out of bed in the morning.
Therefore due to these results the government made a rational decision to respond to this lack of social inclusion and resolve it by bringing the disabled to face life in the community on their own. They believed that all the problems above would have to fix themselves in order for the disabled to survive in a community. In response to this, National Disability Strategy- Community consultations and submissions report 2009 states...

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...roughout 2009-10 on the strategy with the advice of the National People with Disabilities and Carer Council and other stakeholders. Experts will be brought together to develop innovative strategies to tackle each area along with appropriate outcomes and targets.
And most importantly, an evaluation, monitoring and reporting process will be developed to track the progress of the strategy to ensure real and meaningful changes are made.

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