People With Disabilities Are All Around Us Essay

People With Disabilities Are All Around Us Essay

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Disability Rights
By: Gabee Wymer
People with disabilities are all around us. You may not even realize when someone has a disability because not all disabilities affect physical appearance. Sometimes seeing this takes an emotional toll on people. They are often taken aback by what they have experienced and most people do not understand mental or physical disabilities and the rights that come along with having a disability. But what are these rights exactly? Dudley writes, "Achieving a consensus on what constitutes human rights has been a challenge for the political leaders and others responsible for protecting human rights" (Dudley 20). People all over the world have different ideas and opinions on what constitutes as a human right. People are split between where human rights come from. Some believe that God created them and others believe that human rights come from laws. Some also believe that the human rights are inherent to natural law (Dudley 11). The origin of human rights is solely based upon opinion. But it is not an opinion on which human rights should protect all of those who are human. Those who suffer from mental and physical disabilities should not be excluded from having human rights or treated unfairly because of their disability.
Children with disabilities are often overlooked by adults and children who do not have a disability. "Human Rights Watch has found that children with disabilities are denied access to school, subjected to corporal punishment and other forms of physical violence, and face segregation in schools, institutions and places of detention" (Human Rights Watch 14). Children with disabilities do not receive the same care or treatment that children without disabilities do. Schools often segregate t...

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