People Who Believe And Live By The Same Customs Essay

People Who Believe And Live By The Same Customs Essay

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All around the world there are groups of people who believe and live by the same customs, thus creating a culture of people. Every culture has different beliefs and values, these beliefs and values directly affect the people that makeup the community. One custom that differs from culture to culture is the way people look at their body image. In some cultures what is seen to be cool might be the complete opposite in another. For example, the women in the Surrey tribe in Ethiopia wear lip plates and they are all the fashion, the bigger the plate the better, and the plate’s range from 4 to 22 cm in diameter. Also in Indonesia the women sharpen their teeth into sharp points. Lastly, in Afghanistan woman want their noise to be bigger and rounder. This is such a big tread that woman go to the extremes to get noise surgery from fake doctors and from die from the surgery because it is not done correctly. Each of this culture partakes in different custom that is important to them and shapes their communities differently. The women in the Surrey tribe, Indonesia and Afghanistan use lip pates, sharpen teeth and big noise to represent power, wealth and beauty. If women in America had any of thesis attributes they would not be associated with power, wealth and beauty, they might be seen as the opposite. Men are stereotypes also change from culture to culture. The Dobby tribe the man are given a mirror as when they are born and compete in beauty pageants, work on their makeup and clothes for days to impress a panel of female judges. The common thing that shows up in every culture is the idea of beauty each culture has a different idea of it but it still shows.
Often the way people look at or associate themselves with body image is usually dir...

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...nterviews that were conducted on a group of 30 adolescent Fijian girls (Becker, 2004). The cohort of girls went through a two-wave group study to look at the impact of television on behaviors and attitudes that play into body image (Becker, 2004). The result of the study was that the girls appeared to change the defined local norm for body image; thus, caring more about appearance. Also the study found that television shows, created the group of girls to desire the lifestyles portrayed in the show and the body image that goes with that lifestyle or job (Becker, 2004). They found that the women felt a lot worse about themselves when being exposed to television and felt new pressures to change there bodies. This study shows how much other cultures perception of beauty alters your personal image; also brings light on how media influences how people perceive themselves.

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