People Today Depend On The Internet For Making Informed Decisions Essay

People Today Depend On The Internet For Making Informed Decisions Essay

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People today depend on the Internet for making informed decisions. This includes potential homeowners who start by researching online. Important among their considerations is understanding the rules of the homeowners ' association as well as getting a sense of the community. It is in the conveyance of getting a sense of community that an exceptionally designed HOA website can make a big impact.

The Importance of Community

Getting a sense of your community is essentially a first impression which is quickly formed at the subconscious level. A number of factors go into projecting a great first impression of your community, the foremost of which are the emotions that your site projects to its viewers. What emotions are these? In our socially fragmented and alienated society, everyone wants to belong to something greater than themselves. Therefore, your website should present your homeowners ' association as a community. It should project warmth, happiness, enjoyment, and active engagement. This is most effectively accomplished with the right imagery. Choose large quality images of peop...

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