People Should Learn About Self Managed Learning Essay

People Should Learn About Self Managed Learning Essay

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People should learn about self-managed learning. This chapter has helped me understand how to organize, plan my studies and review them. There are many ways in which we can learn we all have our own way of learning. We should try to figure out what type of a learner we are to be able to work on our weaknesses. A lot has changed throw surveys we’ve realized that students have different way of learning. Teachers are using more methods of learning so the students can be able to learn better.
There are different ways people get information we have: Concrete and abstract perceivers. Concrete people they prefer direct experience, acting, sensing, and feeling Abstract perceivers people they like to analyse, observe and think.
There are different learning styles: The activist- He is happy to try new things out and experience new situations but poor at executing. The reflector is analytical in his thinking, but they take a long time to come to a decision. The theorist they are strong on the theory, but usually weak on application. The pragmatist is good on application of learning in real-life situation and he responds to problems with practical problem-solving skills. Learning is gaining knowledge and skills; memory is storming, retrieving and acting.

Learning what style of learner you are, you can organize and plan your study the way you know you are going to understand. Many skills can be learned directly from other people in the workplace, for example, you could be Shadowing someone that means following and observing a more experience manager in their day-to-day workplace.
A mentor is a colleague at the same or higher level than the you; you can go and discuss work-related issues with your mentor. Coaching is a person that will be w...

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...nt. For example I’ve received a lot of training and I have developed new skills throw out my training. If a manager will be sick and he won’t come to work. I can run that department successful because I’ve received training for my company

By learning about self-managed learning I can see the benefits of self- managed learning I can see that learning from home will work for me very well as a self-managed learner, I like to study to develop my own skills, I have control over personal and professional development, having control over your studies and planning for it enables you to achieve success.
I like that I can study on my own and I can concentrate on what I need to improve. Know what type of a Lerner you are, you can develop your own way of studying which will help you plan and focus on developing your skills which will help you achieve success in the future

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