People Should Follow the Code of the West, Talk Less; Say More Essay

People Should Follow the Code of the West, Talk Less; Say More Essay

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The code of the west is things to live by, they were never actually written down, but they were something that everyone in the west seemed to live by. It was a different time that these people lived in and a lot of the “laws” that they lived by are not even considered in today’s society. One of the “laws” that I believe should people should always follow is talk less, say more. This is something that means a lot to me and the world that I live, and grew up in. This is a code that does affect you throughout your whole life and never loses meaning, no matter how young or old you are. Talk less; say more is the most important and the most meaningful “rule” in the codes of the west.
This code, talk less; say more, is one that still really applies to modern life and that always will. Almost every kid growing up was taught the saying, actions speak louder than words, a lot of people have seemed to forget the actually meaning behind those words growing up. These are the people that know they talk too much, but they might just not know how much they truly talk. The people that sit in the background and never say anything are the ones that are talking more. You might wonder how that is possible, but think how much you respect and ponder on what that person says when they actually do speak. Their words mean so much more than that person that talks all of the time. The person, who always has something to say, might not be telling the whole truth because they just want to fill space. They could be making up stuff as they begin talking. The person who sit back and observes as all of these people talk around them are the people that tell the truth and say more even though they verbally speak fewer words.
Sports are something that you really n...

... middle of paper ... less; say more code. People will always know someone who just talks too much and makes up stories all of the time, but when you meet that person who says things and truly means all of them you have met a true person. Some that you can give respect to and always believe in them that they will follow through with whatever promises they may make to you. This code is one that will always be used and needed in certain ways. If people were to just talk and never back up what they were saying with proof of what they have supposedly done in their past then they are untrustworthy. Those are the talkers of the world. When someone does not say a thing, yet people know that they have done something marvelous then that is a truly good person. They do not need to gloat or be above anyone else; they can just sit and listen to the world around them because that is saying more.

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