The People Outside Of Prisons Essay

The People Outside Of Prisons Essay

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People outside of prisons may not realize what they have until it is all taken away from them if they commit a crime and get convicted. A lot of the issues they thought they had in society might transfer with them and get worse or they develop more difficult issues once in prison. Examples of these are: supporting oneself or others and the fear of violence is more of an issue, who can one trust, and what will become of them once they get released.
In a society most people have jobs so they can support themselves and their love ones if they have any. Those that do not have jobs struggle with trying to figure out what they can do to take care of them no matter what the consequences are. When someone goes to prison, he or she can no longer finish the things he or she needed to do. For example, a woman might steal some food for her child to get something to eat. If that mother goes to jail another family member might be able to take the child in, but if not, then the child now has to go into foster care which could in the end be worse off for the child. In prison people have to really depend on them to get what they need without a lot of help from anyone else.
There is not any money in prison so prisoners have to figure out other ways to get what they need and want. Sometimes they can get it from their loved ones if they allow visitors or mail from the outside; however, in max security prisons that is often not allowed. So there are other ways to get it. Some prisoners use, sexual favors to get the items they need from the guards or fellow inmates, others use cigarettes or stolen food from the kitchen. If any of this goes wrong it could lead to violence.
In prison the prisoners have to worry about more violence there than they did ...

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... report an issue it could make matters worse and might even cause the death of someone.
The last issue an inmate faces is what will have to them once they are released. Before an inmate is convicted he or she might have thought they were untouchable, but once they were arrested and lost everything. This leads to them trying to figure out what they will do next in society. In a men’s prison they might train the inmates a trade that could be used in the outside world, but as for women they are not taught anything like that most of the time. It will be hard for most prisoners to get a job or housing if they have been convicted of a serious crime. Another thing that is feared when inmates return to society is will they be able to avoid the crowd they got mixed up with and stay out of prison or will they resort back to the criminal acts and land themselves back in prison.

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