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People Like Us By David Brook Essay

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David Brook’s Essay: People Like Us
In “People Like Us”, the writer talks about tolerance and diversity in the United States. America has for a long time been cited as one of the most diverse countries. Upon investigation of that statement, one will find that it is a fact, for the country is filled with millions of individuals from different ethnic extractions, political affiliations, religion, socioeconomic status, personalities, interests, etc. However, according to “People Like Us”, instead of the population of the country uniting in its diversity and using that as a strength, individuals are trying really hard to distance themselves from others who are not like themselves, and to band themselves together with those who are like them. David Brook, the author of the book notes that, even though most of Americans are doing the right thing by finding locations where they are most comfortable and where they believe they can succeed, the decisions they make so as to achieve those goals often lead towards their own ethnic or racial extractions. For instance, Brooks himself confesses that he has himself in the past gravitated towards places where he believed he could be most comfortable in and where he also felt he could be his true self. He further states, that the majority of his friends are middle-income level Caucasians and conservative Christians. Brooks’ main argument in the essay is that many individuals in the United States often do not even bother to show that they would like to build diverse communities. The essay, Brook says, is about the public discourse on race and is meant to make us ponder about the stereotypes and assumptions we have when we think about diversity or people from other ethnicities. It is also meant to m...

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... land. So technically, the U.S. is diverse because of the many people from different races and ethnicities, however, it is not common for people from different races to intermingle (Marquis 100).
In conclusion, Brooks’ essay is about diversity and his arguments on how the American citizens pretend it is crucial to them. Brooks’ arguments are informed by the different ways through which people conceptualize and describe the concept of diversity. His essay however ends on a more positive note, that even though different races or ethnicities do not often work together or co-exist harmoniously in the United States there are numerous examples both current and in history of cooperation across cultures. Finally, for us as Americans to truly embrace diversity, there is a need for understanding and awareness of the realities and backgrounds of peoples from different races.

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