People Imagine Things Through Technology And Counterfactual Thinking Essay

People Imagine Things Through Technology And Counterfactual Thinking Essay

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The world is full of imagination, and the imagination will never stop; however, imagines can bring human beings into both authentic and inauthentic life. People imagine things through technology and counterfactual thinking. Counterfactual thinking makes people consider the possibilities and predict outcomes for the future, which brings human beings into authentic lives. Technologies have made people’s lives become much easier, which also make the humans’ relationships become more distant from each other, and create environments for the inauthentic life. This concept can be seen in both “Alone Together”, by Sherry Turkle, and “Possible Worlds: Why Do Children Pretend?” by Alison Gopnik. In “Alone Together”, Turkle addresses the ideas of the authentic and the inauthentic; the authentic is the real events that happen in the world and the inauthentic describes the fake ideas that people pretend to believe; people in nowadays are relying on technologies, as a result, they are living in fantasy lives. For example, in the robotic moment, as Turkle sees the future generations, humans are relative more and more matches to the point that, thirty years or so, humans might marry with robots. However, authentic imaginations are also evolving on human beings’ lives, which is discussed further in “Possible Worlds: Why Do Children Pretend?” Gopnik describes why people always think counterfactually, which is a way to think about things or events that may happen in the future or in the past, but all of them have not happened yet. All of these events are happening in humans’ imaginations. Turkle’s change humans’ perspectives of the “real” by over-using of robots and machines, and Gopnik’s counterfactuals challenges Turkle’s inauthentic by the over-r...

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...nstead of writing letters. The ways of communication are becoming much easier, however, through the deeper thinking, humans’ lives are becoming much more alone than before.
Imagination makes everything possible, people are living in authentic lives because of the counterfactual thinking is positive for humans; on the other hand, the over-relying on technology, like robots and machines would become substitutions for humans, which bring us into inauthentic lives. In order to make humans’ imaginations come true; humans have to learn knowledge from textbooks or other resources. New opportunities are also created by imaginations, but there are possibilities that if humans do not use imaginations correctly; human beings might live in inauthentic lives. Although the world is full of imaginations, the authentic and the inauthentic are depending on how human beings value it.

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