Essay on People Dont Change, The Ending Of Fall, Beginning Of Winter

Essay on People Dont Change, The Ending Of Fall, Beginning Of Winter

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People dont change; we just learn more about who they want to be. I was 11; It was the ending of fall, beginning of winter. My brother was five was at the time and we lived here in small town Cresco. We lived a normal family life. My mom worked at Donaldsons at night and my dad was working at McNeilious. I took care of my brother alot, had to watch, play, and be with him alot. We grew close when we were young. My dad would get home at 5:30 every night and we would have supper. Things were good. Although at night I would hear my parents fight about money, that all my mom cared about. She didnt care for anything else. It came to November 2nd, 2011 my moms birthday. I was making pancakes for her and she was in the shower and getting ready for a day for her. My dad was helping me when the doorbell rang and I insisted on getting it. When I opened the door, there was a women who had really pretty brown hair. I knew I had seen her from somewhere, but I wasnt sure. She seemed really upset and asked for my dad. So I went and got him and was worried so I watched them talk in a truck ouside my window. I ran to the bathroom when my mom asked who it was and I told her I thought it was a person I met camping. Her face turned a little red and just kept doing her makeup. I went back to the window to see what was going on (I was a very noisey child). They both seemed upset and gave eachother a hug (odd right?). My dad came back in the house and I was asking him who that was, he didnt answer and went into the bathroom with my mom. He slammed the door and started screaming. I finished making the pancakes and they were in the bathroom for about 2 more hours so I was sitting trying to hold back my tears and realized, we were not going to have a nice...

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...k of brad as a father figure. We came close; we all did. Soon again, she began to drink and brad didnt stop playing mind games with all of us. He came home from work and would be grumpy and yell at us to do things around the house. Most of the time braeley and I went for walks in the pasture just to get away. I find it difficult to trust people and I have flashbacks, especially if I see something on TV which triggers a memory. I find everyday things, like walking down a street, difficult as I worry that making eye contact with someone will cause them to be physically violent towards me."For a long time, I accepted what was going on at home as normal. But no child should have to live in fear or on edge in their own home – that 's the place they should feel safest. Bradley and my mom always fought eachother also. He held a knife up to her until she did what he wanted.

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