People are People: Sexuality Aside Essay

People are People: Sexuality Aside Essay

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Homosexual people are the same as heterosexual people; the only difference is that they like the same gender, whereas heterosexual people like the opposite gender. Who you like should not be reason enough for your rights to be different from anyone else’s. There are many people who think that homosexual people should not be able to have the same rights as heterosexual people. In most states, they cannot get married, they could get fired from their jobs or get paid less, they could be denied housing, healthcare, and they have to abide by the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” rule in the military where they cannot openly serve as a homosexual person. They also are not even protected by hate crime laws in most states. Homosexual people should have the same rights as heterosexual people because they are still American citizens and all citizens should be treated the same, fairly and equally.
People in America have all different reasons to be against gay rights. It is against religion, it violates traditional marriage and family relationships, and it can confuse children. Marriage is when two people are brought together to share their life together for the rest of their lives. It really should not matter whether or not it is the same sex or two people of different genders that want to commit the rest of their life to someone.
There are many reasons why gay marriage should be allowed. Marriage benefits, it violates equal rights, it is allowing more children to become adopted and have loving homes, it encourages family values, there are financial benefits, but above all it doesn’t hurt anyone if two people of the same gender want to be married. Love should be one of the many reasons people marry and anyone is capable of loving another person.

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...on). Marriage is starting to be redefined as society grows. Fifty-three percent of Americans now support gay marriage (ProCon). Interracial marriage was illegal in many states until the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. This is now completely common in America, its only time that marriage and society grows again.
Gay marriage is becoming more widely accepted each and every day. Even though it will never be accepted by everyone that doesn’t mean it should be illegal. Gay marriage will not directly affect the people who do not want it lives. Above all they will always be American citizens and the Constitution states that all citizens should be treated the same, fairly and equally.

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