People are Obsessed with Social Media Essay

People are Obsessed with Social Media Essay

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1. Introductory Statement
It is no secret that the current generation is obsessed with media. You cannot walk anywhere without seeing teenagers, adults, and even kids using technology and social media. Everywhere you look there are ads to purchase the latest and greatest clothing, technology, or beauty products. Television standards have been lowered by the FCC and shows with explicit content have now taken over television leaving teenagers to idolize a lifestyle that is not to their best interest. But how does this media really affect us? What age is most drawn in and how does it change the outlook of their future? This would fall under evaluation research, I am seeking to find out the impact that media has on the current generation. Showing the negative correlation between media and child development will have an impact on how families chose to raise their children and the supervision of mass media in homes.
2. Literature Review
Arnett (2012) uses the common basis in psychology which states that during adolescence it is a time for children to change their attention from family to friends. With this journey, the child finds personal taste and their moral grounds. But as different types of media outlets arise, children are more susceptible to their persuasion. Due to the fads produced by television, internet, and magazines teenagers ages twelve to fifteen are facing the wrath of their judgmental peers. The mass media acts as an agent of social control, a tool for the creation and enforcement of stereotypes and means of entertainment. Arnett (2012) focuses on the main stages of development from childhood to adulthood. It draws a direct correlation to the negative effects on the forming mind of a teenager. The power media has over...

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...we will also have to require the consent of the parent. Without the participants consent and the IRB’s approval no research will be conducted.
5. Statement of Limitation
Due to the duration and procedures of this proposal, there are a few limitations. The research data will involve self-reported human behavior and habits’, this systematic investigation raises the issue of validity. We have limited means of testing the subject without starting a longitudinal design. Therefore, we must rely on what the participants report in surveys and questioning. Another variable that might be cause for limitation is the sample size. In order to find reliable relationships between data and the research question, we must have a sample size that is a fair representation of the population. A problem might arise in trying to find such a large amount of participants for this research.

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