People Always Ask Me, Connell Why Are You Returning For College Essays

People Always Ask Me, Connell Why Are You Returning For College Essays

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People always ask me, “Connell why are you returning to college”. “You have already completed a 20 year career in the Air Force”. “You will receive a retirement check for your service and you will also receive a disability check for your injuries, you don’t need to go back to school”. To which I reply, “You are right, I don’t need to go back to school, I want to go back to college and fulfill the promise I made”. So I’ll share with you the story, of why I returned to college.

We’ll have to go back 26 years from now, to when I was on in my last year of junior high school. I was not the most promising student upon leaving middle school, in fact I was downright horrible. For two years I coasted along, hanging out in the hallways, skipping class, or not coming to school at all. That period was so bad, my father references to them as the “Dark Days”. Even though those times were hard on us, I made it out and was on my way to High School.

After that summer vacation was over, it was now time to pick which high school I was going to attend. My folks wanted me to attend the Magnet School, and I wanted to go where the rest of my friends from middle school were going. I won out in the end, but there was a stipulation, I had to join ROTC (you’ll see the impact it had on my life). I agreed to do ROTC, and I was on my way to the high school of my choice, that my friends were attending, and literally was a 15 minute walk from my apartment.

Upon enrolling in school, I would soon learn that my past exploits in middle school would follow me forward, and I was entered into a program for at risk students (basically students who are a high candidate for dropping out/not finishing school), the program was called Maryland’s Tomorrow. It ...

... middle of paper ...

...ching of majors because of moves to areas that didn’t offer the desired major.

Even through all those bumps, humps and hurdles, I was able to obtain an AA degree from the Community College of the Air Force, of which I’m very proud. Yet it still didn’t satisfy the promise I made all those years ago, it only fueled the fire to ensure the promise I made was kept. So when I left the Air Force, this time for the final time as a retiree. I enrolled here at Allegany College of Maryland, and am on track to graduate within the next year.

So you want to know why I returned even after all I’ve accomplished, this is why, because I made a promise to a 19 year old Connell and two wonderful parents who never gave up on me. “I will graduate from college and you will have the opportunity to watch me walk across a stage and receive a diploma, I promise that to the both of you”

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