Pennsylvania State Statutes Dealing With Education Essay

Pennsylvania State Statutes Dealing With Education Essay

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1. Pennsylvania state statutes dealing with education are governed by the Pennsylvania State
Board of Education (, which was established by the General Assembly ( Those statutes are as follows are found within the Public School Code of 1949 (available in full at

The major categories within this document deal with the State Board of Education, regulation of private schools, financial matters, higher education governance, education standards, and regulation of employees.

2. In Pennsylvania, State Department of Education ( is directed by the Secretary of Education (currently Pedro A. Rivera - .VzPqF2MdtBs) who is appointed by the governor. The Secretary of Education is a member of the State Board of Education ( - .VzPr8mPeq-8) and head of the Department of Education. The other 21 members of the Pennsylvania State Board of Education are either appointed by the Governor (17 members) or are elected members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly (4).

3 The Pennsylvania State Court System ( is headed by the Chief Justice of Pennsylvania, currently Thomas G. Saylor, and is made up of the Supreme Court, the Superior Court, the Commonwealth Court, the Courts of Common Pleas, and the Minor Courts. The Supreme Court is the highest-level court in the state, followed by the Superior Court, and so on. In Pennsylvania, there are two types of cases that can be heard in a court, criminal or civil. While ...

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..., and the provision of a free appropriate public education. Additionally, parents must be informed if the school refuses their request to change the IEP, or the provision of a free appropriate public education, about the child’s progress toward annual IEP goals on a periodic basis, and of the procedures to maintain the privacy of the child’s education records. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) allows school officials to change the child’s placement for no more than 45 school days, without parental permission, in school situations involving potential to harm. Like mainstream students, special education students are protected against forms of punishment. These rules allow special education students to be placed in a program that meets those needs and that program must be carried out (

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