Peer Pressure And High School Essay

Peer Pressure And High School Essay

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Peer pressure is big with teenagers in high school. Peer pressure occurs when a teenager wants to be accepted by people of the same age. This is why peer pressure is very common in high school students. One might think that peer pressure only affects a teenager involved in a large group of friends rather than a smaller group of friends, this is because peer pressure can come from one friend or more than one friend. On the other hand, occasionally the peer pressure a teenager feels is coming from within the teen himself or herself. Once a teenager sees his or her friends doing something or getting involved themselves with something they want to get involved also. Some may wonder which type of peer pressure is worse, the type that comes from within or the type that is pushed on a teen. Neither type of peer pressure is good for a teen when involving the wrong friends. Getting involved with the wrong group of friends is why peer pressure has many negative effects on teenagers while in high school.

One negative effect of peer pressure is it can lead to drinking under age. When a teen goes to hang out with friends he or she may think going out will be good clean fun. If involved with the wrong group of people having good clean fun is hardly ever the case. When out without any adult supervision a teen is at his or her most vulnerable state. The reason for being vulnerable is the teen has no one to tell them “No” While out the group of friends may say “Let’s stop by the party for just a second.” Even if a teen knows going to the party is wrong the teen doesn’t want to be left out, so he or she go anyhow. Once at the party a teen may be offered a drink again, the teen doesn’t want to be left out so he or she takes it. The teen was o...

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...eer pressure can lead to drug use. According to “Statistics on teenage drug use”, “More than 60% of high school students said that drugs were sold, kept or used at their school”(Teen Drug Abuse Staff). Once a student is involved with a group of friends who use or sell drugs that student will be pressured to do the same. Once a teen tries drugs it is likely that he or she will continue to use them more frequently. Teenage drug abuse is becoming more common in high school than it has been in the past, more teens are seeing that other are doing drugs and don’t want to be left out so the teen decides to use them also. Another reason for teenage drug abuse being on the rise is because parents are becoming more lenient on teens. The parent assumes the teen will tell his or her parents when they consume the drugs and will be responsible enough to call them to pick them up.

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