The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit ( Picu ) Essay

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit ( Picu ) Essay

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Having a child in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) can cause a large amount of stress and anxiety for the family. Healthcare professionals practice family-centered care to relieve some of that stress and promote health and well-being by involving the parents. Since the child’s health can change rapidly, it can hinder the parent’s ability to support their child and it is the nurse’s responsibility to show the parents how to do so in this intense environment. Studies show that traumatic stress among parents with children in the PICU is common, but the support from the nurses reduces stress symptoms. Just by having the parents assist with bathing, can benefit them from emotional stress (Mortensen et al., 2015).
Family-centered care is very important in the PICU and I had the opportunity to experience it with a young ten-year-old boy and his family. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and presented to the hospital with unexplainable harsh movements. His parents say that he does not undergo these types of movements, but it has occurred before a couple of years ago. He was...

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