Pedagogy And My First Teacher Essay

Pedagogy And My First Teacher Essay

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When I began this research the meaning of these two words, pedagogy and andragogy, my first thought was my entire education training has been built on pedagogy and what in the world is andragogy. When I started reading about the two, the old question, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” popped into my brain. Later in my research paper, I answered that question.
Pedagogy comes from child and leader. Basically is means teaching children. With this knowledge maybe andragogy did come first. Adam and Eve were the two individuals that began our civilization with children. Therefore they were the first teachers. According to Professor Ozuah he reported a few assumptions: the learner didn’t know or understand his own learning needs, that learning needed to wrap around certain subjects, the learner’s lack motivation to learn, and that prior knowledge wasn’t important. (Ozuah) I don’t quite agree with his assumptions. Students may not know their learning style until after they are exposed to other people’s style of learning. Then I believe the students begin forming their own style. I know in my class, I try to demonstrate different ways of arrive at the same answer. I will also ask students to share their thought process, “thinking out aloud.” To some extend I do agree with Professor Ozuah’s point of view on the learning needs to subject-centered, but I think this is a starting point. One of the questions that I am asked every day is how is this math stuff going to help in “the real world.” The lesson begins in math, but then branches out in to other educational subjects as well as worldly subjects. This is one reason why I don’t agree with his last assumption. Prior knowledge does make a difference not only to th...

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...ser or how to stack tobacco; they are using each other knowledge to accomplish the task at hand. (Lackey & Dershem, 1992)
After researching the mean of these two words and through my own experience, I do think what Using Technology Better website said is accurate. “The teacher is becoming more of a guide and facilitator rather than a stand and deliver instructor.” (Reading & Seufert, 2015) After doing this research paper, is making wonder if they way teachers’ role in changing is the reason why I want to teach teachers how to teach math? Until now, my entire career I have always been asked what is your philosophy on education? What is your pedagogy style? I think now, I can respond to those questions that pedagogy is the foundation that real teaching and learning takes place. I know that my style of teaching has changed into more of an andragogical approach.

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