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The Pecking Order By Dan Walton Essay

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The Pecking Order takes a bold look into the factors that separate family members within the social strata. The author Dan Walton, New York University (NYU) professor of sociology and public policy, asserts that the comfy safe haven that families are thought to be, aren’t as great as some may assume. Within these households lives a plethora of factors that alter the destinies of each child. These factors range from birth order, change in family finances, Divorce, Death, to even the “luck” of outside influences. What begins as slight nuances between each child goes on to be pivotal factors in the children’s lives as they mature.
Dan Walton takes the firm stance in explaining how half of all inequality is within families, not between them. And it is each family’s own “pecking order” that helps to foster such differences. Conley argues that with every set of siblings exists a pecking order, or a status hierarchy. This hierarchy emerges from the constructs within society and in most cases determines which sibling will be of higher status at home as well as in society. Dalton Conley goes on to explain that differential success among siblings is not a simple matter of genetics, gender, or birth order. Rather, success is a complicated, multifaceted subject, shaped by economic and social forces taking place at different times, predicated as much on luck as it is on good genes or strong character. Conley 's accounts of differential success among siblings encouraged me to take a deeper look into my own family and the factors that may have played a role in shaping their social positions.
One of the first main factors that influenced the “pecking order” is the family resources. According to the book, as more children are born, the family re...

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In the chart above you can see the differences between each sibling 's profile. The youngest child born in America has the highest income and level of education. These measures only measure one aspect of success but nonetheless these differences in income and levels of education do have real life implications. The table allows the reader to get a simple and cohesive look at the differences between each sibling. After reading this book I can clearly observe the factors that have led to such differences.

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