Peace Essay : Peace And Dignity

Peace Essay : Peace And Dignity

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Peace and Dignity in the Dying
Anselmo Businaro

When your conscience says law is immoral, don 't follow it.- Jack Kevorkian

Since the beginning of the 1400’s, suicide was a widely debated and a highly ambiguous topic. One of the earliest mentions of a condemnation against suicide came from Saint Thomas Aquinas, who stated the belief that suicide goes against one’s natural desire to live. As a famous Christian figure, he condemned it as a sin. For hundreds of years suicides have been stopped solely because of the uncertainty of an even worse after life. The religious believed they would have a chance landing in hell considering the last action they would do would be a sin. Michel De Montaigne became the first dissenter within this issue. He wrote several essays during the 16th century arguing how suicide is a human right and choice. This battle of opinions has extended throughout the centuries and is still debated today.

Euthanasia, considerably close to the concept of suicide, is the act of ‘mercy killing’ a conscious organism. Types of Euthanasia include: voluntary, involuntary and passive euthanasia. Voluntary Euthanasia or Physician Assisted Suicide, also known as PAS, had a spotlight shone on it when Jack Kevorkian, a pathologist, became notorious for carrying out over 10 assisted suicides. Americans frowned upon PAS due to the ideals set in stone by Thomas Aquinas centuries before. Eventually it led to 37 states banning all forms of PAS, while Vermont, Washington and Oregon allowed it, but with strict regulation.

Euthanasia continues to be a popular debate in America, with strong supporters and detractors attempting to influence and change laws. Many people have weighed in on the debate, including citizens, the Supreme ...

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...arth. Many could have used P.A.S. to end their lives in a peaceful manner rather than commit suicide alone and completely shake their families. Any individual dying of an illness should be guaranteed a safe and planned death by the government.

Foundations like the Brittany Maynard foundation, Death With Dignity, Exit, and others have been vouching for the right to die for many years now, and it’s time the American people take action. Physician Assisted Suicide has been and still is offensive to traditional values of the American people, but it’s time to change. P.A.S. is not only a way out, but a way to relieve stress from families, patients, and others suffering. Not only does it help, it provides secure services for those who are on the last months of their lives. Now I ask you a question, Would you want to suffer if you learned you had less than 6 months to live?

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