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PC vs. Mac Essay

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Since the dawn of the information age, computers have developed into a very important part of society. They are increasingly being integrated with numerous aspects of human life, and have become a necessity in many college and business settings. Two major corporations that capitalize on this integration are Microsoft and Apple, and while they may appear identical, the differences between Microsoft’s Personal Computer and Apple’s Macintosh become blatantly obvious with a visit to the nearest electronics store. A PC is a more intelligent purchase than a Macintosh due to their affordability, variety, and security.

The first factor considered by many consumers when selecting a new computer is affordability. In this arena, Macintosh loses to the PC almost every time. The lowest costing model of Mac cost roughly $600, and from there it only gets worse. The next model up is around $1000, and the most expensive starts at $2400. One reason for these outrageous prices is that Apple produces all of their computers themselves and, therefore, has no Macintosh-producing competition to drive the prices down. A Second, more elusive reason is that Apple has attempted to market the Macintosh brand as a luxury device.

Prices for Personal Computers have a tendency to be more varied than those of a Macintosh. They start in the range of $100 - $200 and extend to beyond $3500. Most PCs, however, cost anywhere from $300 - $800. This is because, unlike Apple, Microsoft not only allows, but encourages other corporations to produce PCs. Microsoft’s policy enables competition between PC producers, and ultimately lower prices. This also causes stratification of the PCs resulting in low-end, average, and luxury versions.

Another consequence of Apple...

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...ays it to Microsoft. This allows Microsoft to build on what they know, and apply security coding to their Personal Computers based on current and foreseeable future threats. Like Apple’s approach, this only works for a short period of time before the user must buy expensive software to detect and eliminate any potential threat to their computer.

A Personal Computer is a more intelligent purchase than a Macintosh because Microsoft has mastered the art of providing a wide variety of affordable computers and is competitive with Apple in providing security to their users. Microsoft allows PCs to be configured by many different manufactures so that for each individual there is a PC that fits their unique preferences. Those preferences are driven by a society that relies on computers more each day. PC’s simply integrate better with the aspects of human individuality.

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