The Payment Of College Athletes Essay

The Payment Of College Athletes Essay

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Payment of College Athletes
The definition of a slave is a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them. Taylor Branch, a well known articlist on sports, put this scenario best, “Slavery analogies should be used carefully. College athletes are not slaves. Yet to survey the scene—corporations and universities enriching themselves on the backs of uncompensated young men, whose status as “student-athletes” deprives them of the right to due process guaranteed by the Constitution” (Branch). It is a fact that Division I college athletes are being used to help make boatloads of money for colleges and universities around the US. These athletes are used and taken advantage of by these universities and may even be harmed in this process. For these reasons, high profile (Division I) college athletes should be compensated for all the time, work, and dedication that they put in trying to achieve their goals, but instead are used to help universities achieve theirs. College athletes help to better universities pockets, but the universities never give anything back for them in return; some critics may say that college athletes get a free education, and this education is almost never taken advantage of by the athlete. College athletes are used up for the better part of four years, then if they are lucky to get drafted into the NFL to do the same thing they did in college but now for money. This type of system is jammed right now at the collegiate level and needs to be fixed, to make far for the athlete that is giving their health and lives to a university.
Starting on March 14, the most profitable and most advertised event in college will start, and this event is March Madness. At this point, colleges and basketball pr...

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... will get an education, but as studies show the athlete rarely attends class and if they do they always get “assistance” with their work. Athletes should be able to bypass going to college to make the money they deserve to make or the colleges should be allowed to composite the athletes for the level of attention and money the athletes bring the colleges. “The most distinguished professor at the University of Alabama won 't make $5.9 million in his entire tenure in Tuscaloosa. One person will though, Nick Saban (Head coach of Alabama Football) will make that this year” (Wilbon). So seeing how it would be "unfair" to pay a person playing the game is ridiculous. With all the facts and points argued, there is clear evidence and truth, that the right choice to pay the college at athletes what they deserve for making billions of dollars that the universities have acquired.

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