Paying Taxes in the United States Essay

Paying Taxes in the United States Essay

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Paying Taxes
In the United States, it is an obligation for every citizen and residents pay taxes; whether they are working full-time or part-time. However, certain people believe that it is prejudiced when the government collect taxes from them, if they are working for minimum wages and have low incomes. In a like manner, individuals who also wealthy are thinking that the government collect excessive taxes from them as well. In either case, certain people loathe the concept of government collecting money from their hard-working paychecks. Moreover, some people who are not satisfied with this rule indicate that it is unnecessary to pay taxes. Also, by the rule of law, tax rate differs depending on how much an individual earns. In other words, those who are wealthier have to pay more in federal tax. Therefore, the difference between the poor and the rich is equal at some point, financially. Although paying taxes can be irritating for a few people, it is extremely essential for the government to collect taxes. That is to say, people must pay taxes in order for a country to deliver public assistance, built, and help citizens who are less fortunate financially.
To begin with, many k-12 students are wondering how they have been attending school for nine months without seeing their parents pay for each semester. Moreover, a few students are also thinking about how teachers get paid for their hard work, if schools do not collect money from parents or legal guardians. In reality, school is not free because the government cannot make such big amount of money without the help of the population. In plain English, the way students attend public school gratuitous, doesn’t necessary mean parents throughout the country do not pay for it. Fur...

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...eel proud when paying taxes because we help ourselves by making a difference in society.

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