Essay on Paying Reparation For The Victims Of Agent Orange

Essay on Paying Reparation For The Victims Of Agent Orange

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Paying Reparation to the Victims of Agent Orange…
You might have heard or know of people with diseases such as Ischemic Heart Disease, Non-Hodgkin 's Lymphoma, Respiratory Cancers, Prostate Cancer, or Soft Tissue Sarcomas. What you might not know is what caused them to get such diseases. There are many factors that can cause a person to get these illnesses that it seems nearly impossible to pinpoint the cause.
What if the answer was pretty simple and that one thing is to be blamed for increasing the chance of getting any of these diseases? This does not sound right. How can one thing be the leading cause of all these illnesses? This however is true. Many studies and reports suggest Agent Orange to be the culprit for the above diseases. Agent Orange is a very dangerous herbicide that has been in the news after the Vietnam War ended. Opponents of Agent Orange want it eliminated since sufficient evidence found that exposure to this herbicide increased the chances of getting those diseases. In addition of getting rid of Agent Orange, people living in Vietnam also want reparations for being exposed to it during the Vietnam War. So, should the United States be responsible to compensate people who have been exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, since they were the ones who introduced this substance to Vietnam? Or is the U.S. not responsible for Vietnam’s misfortune? Because the U.S. contaminated Vietnam with Agent Orange, they should be held accountable to pay reparation to all people who may have been exposed to Agent Orange and not just veterans who fought in the War.
So what is Agent Orange and how can this cause these diseases? Agent Orange is a mixture of two common herbicides 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T and is used to defoliate pl...

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... 98% of the global population have joined the Chemical Weapon Organization (CWO). The CWO’s mission is to implement the provisions to ensure a credible transparent regime, to verify the destruction of chemical weapons, provide protection and assistance against chemical weapons, and to encourage international cooperation in the peaceful uses of chemistry. (United Nation Office of Disarmament Affair) Signing pacts to not use any foreign chemicals in times of war is a good start to prevent any further damages to anyone who may be affected in the future, but still no justice has been done for the affected citizens of Vietnam. What the U.S. really needs to do is admit fault, and do what is right. They need to not only give reparation to Vietnam citizens who got exposed to Agent Orange, but also fund for an epidemic research laboratory to ensure this will not happen again.

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