Paying Collegiate Athletes For Their Participation Essay

Paying Collegiate Athletes For Their Participation Essay

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Paying collegiate athletes for their participation in their school’s athletic programs isn’t a logical option and the players are compensated in alternative ways other than actual money. The education and services collegiate athletes receive for their participation is their compensation and will be far more valuable after they’re done competing athletically than any payment they would receive. Also once they graduate they will need to compete in the real world for a job and livelihood, also if the players are talented enough to make it to the professional league colleges are the places were professional teams look for their future players, but only a small percentage of the college athletes will even make it to the pros. If athletes want to get paid then they might have realize that more people will be cut more to help pay for other athletes’ salaries. The main fact is that athletes have the choice to participate in collegiate athletics or not so if they want to get paid then they shouldn’t compete college sports and they should save the college scholarship money for people who appreciate it.
Over the past couple of years the idea of paying college athletes has been discussed as to whether or not they should get paid for their participation or not. Those who argue for paying student-athletes believe schools use their athlete’s performance and persona to make money and the athletes should be compensated. Additionally, some believe athletes should be paid for all the hours they put into their practice for their sports.
However, there are still those out there who believe they should not. The NCAA is a non - profit organization that gives educational assistance to their players and provides funds to the schools that have sports. And...

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...tunity to earn knowledge and experiences that are so valuable in life.
The argument for why collegiate athletes should not get paid is easy to see. While it may seem like individual athletes bring a lot of money for their schools and get nothing in return, the truth is that the athletes benefit as much as the school does from the money. They are offered free or discounted education, tutors, counseling, and a chance to possibly extend their athletic career. Even if they were given money it’s likely they would spend it all and never see the long term benefits that are presented by the pro paying side. In the end paying collegiate athletes could be detrimental to the athlete’s long-term future and create a large divide between student athletes and regular students who have to put 40 hours a week into their studies but are paying to do that work rather than being paid.

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